Meeting the Neighbors

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to check out the blogging neighborhood and find new blogs and topics to follow. I already have quite a long list of blogs I read regularly but I found a few new ones today by using WordPress’s Explore tool in my reader. I entered tags I am interested in reading about and found so many great blogs to read.

I decided to follow these topics:

  1. Panama. It’s where I’m from and where lots of people seem to be moving to these days.
  2. Blogging 101. It’s what I’m doing right now.
  3. Photography. Something I love to do. All the time.
  4. Charleston. It’s where I might want to live one day.
  5. Fredericksburg. It’s where I live right now.

I also picked some new blogs to follow, for various reasons. Some of these fall within the topics listed above, but not all:

  1. Adventures of an Expat Returned
  2. Charleston Daily
  3. The Weight of a Single Page
  4. Apparently Anna has some Explaining to Do
  5. Mara Eastern’s Personal Blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some reading to do!


One thought on “Meeting the Neighbors

  1. Good for you for getting the assignment done. Following new blogs is all well and good, but deciding on a not-too-generic topic is giving me a bit of trouble. I hope I get it (and other things) done by today.

    – Jill @

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