Alone in the Basement

A second look at the minimalist challenge:

Doug’s first guitar, a Teisco, sits alone in the basement.

Which did you like better? (See previous post.)



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  1. alphastare says:

    I had an old Teisco like that maybe 25 years ago, cost me $10 and was a pretty crappy guitar, they got popular with the neo-garage kids since then and can be rather expensive in boutique guitar shops. Cool photo!

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    1. Thanks. My husband says this particular guitar actually sounds pretty good.


  2. Sheri Elizabeth says:

    I absolutely love the guitar photo. The low key lighting and the way you composed it with the strap is perfect.

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  3. Bill says:

    Nice to see old friends…lol. This guitar also represents the start of my musical journey. Tell Doug I said hi !

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    1. I will! Thanks for stopping by!


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