Music Fridays: Purple Rain

I may have mentioned I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan in earlier posts. People at work probably noticed the Vikings jersey I wore today. And one of my most popular Instagram pictures in 2017 was this one:

And so, since it’s playoffs weekend and the Vikings are starting on their campaign to play in a home stadium Super Bowl, I feel compelled to share a Prince video for this Music Fridays post. This is not the famous Super Bowl performance in the rain, but the original video. Still can’t believe he’s gone.


Music Fridays: Christmas Edition

It’s been a while since I shared a song with you for Music Fridays. Christmas is just ten days away and I’m checking my lists twice, trying not to forget anything. As usual, there’s a lot to do and no matter how early we start, it always seems to come down to the last few days before we feel “ready.”  It’s been hard this year. I’m sure you can tell from my posts that this year has not been easy. It’s been uncomfortable, maddening, and heart-breaking. I’ve probably written more than a couple posts with tears on my face. I’m hopeless in that regard. I can’t write, or talk, or even think, about sad times without crying like a baby.

I ‘m off work today and trying to wrap up a few details along with the small pile of gifts stashed in the guest room. I was doing OK and then I started trying to pick out a Christmas song to share. Nothing seems to fit my current mood. I already shared one of my favorites, “We Need a Little Christmas,” a few years ago, and “Please Come Home for Christmas” just makes me sob.  So this one is sort of in the middle. I just heard this for the first time today and I like the harmonies and the sentiment. Here is “That’s Christmas to Me” by Pentatonix. Hope you enjoy it.

Music Fridays: Boy Bands!

i was originally thinking about having Earth, Wind & Fire’s September as my music video for Music Fridays today, but then came across this post in Rolling Stone’s website, and liked that much better. So rather than give you just one video today, how about 50?

From the Monkees, to the Backstreet Boys to the Jacksons to Menudo, Rolling Stone has for you the Top 50 Boy Band Songs (according to them, anyway).


Music Fridays: Pegate

It’s the last Friday of the summer (maybe not technically but for all practical purposes) so let’s dance a little and celebrate that the kids are going back to school at last. Here’s a favorite from Ricky Martin. Enjoy. Then go find something that makes you want to dance like no one is watching.

Music Fridays: Emmylou

You may be familiar with “Silver Linings” by First Aid Kit, a young duo out of Sweden. I love that song, but here’s another that I think showcases their voices and harmonies, so “Just sing little darling, sing with me.”

Happy Friday!

Music Fridays: Let’s Walk!

Taking a break from the positive thoughts post challenge (yes, I know I’m way behind on these), this weekend is the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia. I’m walking with the rest of my Kaeser team tomorrow afternoon to remember those who lost the battle, and support and cheer on the survivors. I was already planning on using this song today because of the Relay, but I heard the news this morning that one of my old friends, who stood with us at my first wedding, just learned he’s got a fight of his own ahead of him.

If you’re in the area, come on out to the fairgrounds tomorrow and walk with us.

(We miss you already Dave!)