One Quarter Down

Just found this in my drafts. Guess events of the past couple weeks caused me to forget about it and not post this. I’m leaving it as is and hoping for the best.

Can you believe March is almost over and we’ve just about finished the first quarter of 2017? It’s been a busy few months and there’s little indication that the pace will be slowing down anytime soon.

When I last wrote I was hoping to find a way to get back on track with creative pursuits and a renewed effort to get back to my goal weight. I’m still struggling with both of these goals but I guess I’m making a little progress.

I took a pottery class in February and had a lot of fun shaping a slab of clay into something that resembles a bowl.

I also made this utensil crock and I’m being a little selective as to what goes in it.


We have also started the moving process. Much of the house is packed up already and we were fortunate to find a home after a few frustrating weeks.

This is just a small sample of all the art we’re packing up.

I have also ventured into the world of bullet journaling. I’ve heard the term before but didn’t really know what it was. Now I’m hooked but still very much intimidated by the endless supply of “inspiration” found on Pinterest and YouTube.  You won’t see me posting my layouts and pages on Instagram or Pinterest, but here’s what I will share:

I’m enjoying sitting down with my journal and pens, and colored pencils too, and planning out my weeks and days and getting my to-do lists organized. It’s a good way to decompress after a long day while checking in to see what I accomplished each day. I’m enjoying doodling and coloring even though my pages are not as pretty as those I’ve seen online. They never will be and that’s OK.

The Sunday Post: Express Yourself

This week’s photo challenge is to post a picture showing what “express yourself” means to me. I could have chosen any number of ways that I like to express myself: cooking, dancing, writing, hugging, etc. But since I have somewhat exciting news to share (at least I’m excited) I thought I would go with one that is probably pretty obvious to most readers of this blog: photography.

A camera has been my constant companion ever since I received my first one on my thirteenth birthday. Because I’m an introvert and would rather observe than participate, the camera legitimized my observer status:  I was too busy taking pictures of everything and everyone else so I had an excuse for my non-participation.

You could always count on me to have a camera (and plenty of film) for family events, going out with friends, sight-seeing, impromptu (or staged) portrait sessions with my girlfriends. When my children were born, it was hard to put the camera down because I was trying to capture every milestone and every minor accomplishment.

Until this year, I also pursued photography as a money-making venture with my part-time youth sports photography business. In 2014 I realized that while this business provided a little bit of extra spending money during the spring and fall sports seasons, it wasn’t feeding my soul. It was not how I wanted to express myself. I realized that I got more satisfaction from pretty much every other type of photography I did. Pictures of pretty colored bottles on my window sill. A picture of an old camera with the light falling on it just right.

express_yourselfThe summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to put on my own photography show. Our favorite date-night destination J Brian’s Tap Room in downtown Fredericksburg, invited me to hang my work on their restaurant walls and offer it for sale. As they say, “it was great just being nominated,” but I even sold most of my prints. Amazing. Wow. My little moment in the sun.

But, as it turns out, I get to have another shot at the spotlight. J Brian’s has invited me to have a second show this year. All I had to do was pick which slot I wanted of the ones available. I chose September and October. Seems like a long way off, but I know it will be summer before I know it and I’ll have to come up with something to actually hang on their walls.

So my mind is already planning, thinking, evaluating. Grateful for another opportunity to express myself. Have you seen anything on my blog that you think might work? Suggestions?