The Resilience of Sammy T’s

A local example of resilience is downtown Fredericksburg’s Sammy T’s restaurant, a local favorite celebrating 30 years in 2016. When it closed unexpectedly in October we found out the building was sold, along with the restaurant on the main level and all of its recipes. Earlier this month we were all happy to see that Sammy’s wasn’t gone forever, just taking a little break and getting a few much-needed renovations in the meantime.

You can read more about it in these stories in our local paper:

Yesterday as I was doing a little window shopping along Caroline Street I passed Sammy T’s and noticed this sign in their window.

A resilient Sammy T's

A resilient Sammy T’s



I’ve posted this picture before, but with a slightly different crop and treatment. I took this picture earlier this year in downtown Fredericksburg. My response to the muse photo challenge last week also had one other door that I could have use for this latest challenge, but I chose to use this one since technically I have not used it for a specific challenge.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Door.”

Fredericksburg, My Muse

When I look through the hundreds, probably thousands, of photographs that I’ve taken over the last ten years or so, it’s pretty obvious that there is one subject that keeps drawing me back — the beautiful downtown area of Fredericksburg, Virginia:

Tuesday at the Polls: Part Two

Thanks for voting in last week’s poll to help me decide what to print for my upcoming show.  The favorite in that group is Shadowed Tulips so I think that one will definitely be in the show.

Here’s the next set for you to choose three from (click on any of these to start a slide show):

Tuesday at the Polls: Help me decide!

As some of you may know, I’m exhibiting (and maybe selling?) some of my photographs at our favorite downtown restaurant this fall. As the time draws closer for me to print and frame my work, I’m having a hard time choosing what will hang on the walls at J Brian’s come September.

I’m hoping you can help me out. Over the next few weeks I’ll post a group of photos and ask you to pick your two favorites from the group. Please pick one or two that draw your eye or capture your interest. You can click on any of the images below to start a slide show of all the images in this week’s gallery. You may have seen these before since I’ve posted them in response to some of the Weekly Photo Challenges from WordPress’s Daily Post.

This poll will close in a week and I will post a new poll and group of pictures then. Thanks for your help! (And spread the word!)