Edible layers

Maybe I’m hungry, but as was browsing through my photos, looking for something for the Layered photo challenge, these jumped out at me.


Missing Corners

I had several ideas for this week’s photo challenge, but Friday morning as I was writing my Morning Pages it came to me: the corner piece of brownie (a little extra crunch from the edges but still gooey throughout the rest of the delicious morsel of goodness). I don’t remember now how that came to me – maybe I was hungry and thinking about chocolate. So I decided that my office colleagues would just have to cooperate and help me eat these brownies once I got the shot.

So as I was making breakfast this morning I also set out my ingredients for the brownies. I will admit right now I used a box mix. Don’t judge. At least I bought the good stuff: Ghirardelli dark chocolate. After I grabbed the required egg I looked down at the egg carton and kind of liked what I saw. I call this one “Corner Pocket.”

Corner pocket

After dinner, I decided I had resisted temptation long enough. Time to cut to the chase and grab that corner piece. Once I had it on my plate and photographed, I once again looked down and realized I liked this shot much better. One corner piece missing with eight pieces left to share. (Now seven since Doug caved in and decided a little square of dark chocolate would go very nicely with his after-dinner nightcap.) We’ll see how many make it to the office tomorrow.

Missing corner piece

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