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The colors of the rainbow, Instagram style.

About to stuff some peppers. #veggies #redpepper #whatsinside #skinnytaste

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Top of the fourth; up 10 to 4?

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Is it happy hour yet?

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Shrubbery (what is that on our shrubs?)

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We don't match, but we definitely go together. #keds #converse

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#snow peaks and valleys

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A couple of weeks ago I spent part of my lunch break out by the pond in front of our building. It was a gorgeous day and the sound of the water flowing from the fountain in the middle of the pond was very relaxing. I snapped this picture with my iPhone and then added a few effects before posting to Instagram. When I ran across it today I thought of this week’s photo challenge and thought it might fit the theme.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week’s photo challenge is all about perspective. The building I work in has a small lounge area where employees often sit to have their lunch or spend a few quiet minutes with a book or just to get away from their computers. This is the usual view of the lounge:


One afternoon I was one of those employees spending a few minutes near the window (probably to get better cell phone reception) when I happened to look up.


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may have seen this image before when I shared it as my “shot of the day.” This image, taken with my iPhone, is also one that I included — and sold — in my first gallery display.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


For this week’s photo challenge: Eerie. I took this with my phone last night as I was on my evening walk to the town butcher to pick up something for dinner. I thought the B&W version put a different spin on the fall colors that were all around me, a little bit creepy and eerie.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through my Eyes

This week’s photo challenge is about sharing a picture showing the world through my eyes.  The theme is pretty wide open, but I’m still not 100% sure that the photo I chose is exactly what Cheri had in mind when she posted the challenge.

I took this shot yesterday with my iPhone as I lay by the pool, enjoying the sunshine. The air was warm and they sky was beautiful. At one point I put my hands up to shield my eyes from the sun and when I stretched my arms out I noticed the contrast between my hands and the sky. I probably looked ridiculous, but I experimented with combining my hands in different formations to see what I could come up with and frame into a nice picture. Unfortunately, it is very hard to take a picture with no hands and no timer on the camera. So, that led me to point my feet to the sky.

walking on air