The Sunday Post: Making Paper Airplanes

Some time ago Doug wrote a song about the writing process. If you’re a songwriter or a playwright you can probably relate to the lyrics telling tales of a growing paper air force. Countless hours spent putting words on paper, only to be launched into the air in frustration.

This unique interpretation (below) of Paper Airplanes is by Doug’s youngest son. The panels highlight some of the different stops along Doug’s musical journey, many of them with details you will only appreciate if you know the whole story. This collage hangs in our home and serves as a reminder of roads traveled, choices made, and new possibilities.

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes

The video below is of Doug performing this song at an Open Mic night a couple of years ago.

The (Sometimes) Solitary Soloist

For me, most of the time solitude means I have time for quiet moments of reflection. Maybe an opportunity for writing, or reading. But for others, a little quiet time is also the perfect time to make some beautiful sounds.

Musician at work. #guitar #musician #theadaptations

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(This also gives me another opportunity to plug my husband’s duo, The Adaptations. Check out their website, follow them on Facebook or Instagram, and come out to see them this week at The Kenmore Inn in beautiful and historic downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.)