These tiles are on the space shuttle Discovery, which spent 365 days out of this world. It is currently residing at the Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia.

Empty Spaces for Familiar Faces

There’s no crowd in the room now, but it won’t be long. In October this bride and her mom will be welcoming familiar faces and embracing new family members.

Sweet Temptations

Saying “no” to these sweet temptations is not easy at our local donut shops. Picking out a dozen to bring in to work is hard enough but then picking just one to indulge yourself with is almost impossible. Almost.

Sweet Temptations

Pumpkin Spice Hell?

Pumpkin spice This might look like someone’s idea of heaven (probably all those who can’t wait to order their first PSL at Starbucks each fall), but to me, this is simply overkill. All these variations detract from the simple pleasure of a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or even an occasional slice of pumpkin roll.


Here are a couple of entries for this week’s Weathered photo challenge. I took this first photo during our brief getaway to the mountains last September. I loved how the rust on the tin roof added bursts of color on these dormers.

Weathered dormers

I took this second photo today while getting some steps in during lunch. I was walking in the warehouse at work and this old toolbox caught my eye. I’m pretty sure it’s weathered a few changes in that building over the years.